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Beautiful guests and their beautiful things

"It was lovely to come home to find Yael & Ray sat on the wall outside the lodge, whittling spoons from some local hazel branches"

These spoons were created by Yael Vellerman at Ibex Art in London (@ibex_art_london) and her partner Ray, when they stayed with us September. The spoons are lovely to hold and feel so organic in the hand. There are some very old traditions in Wales where spoons were created as a love token and presented to your intended as the first stage of courtship. We already had some love spoons at the lodge but these are so different, more organic somehow.

To all the Welsh chaps out there who are always lost for something to buy on St Dwynwyns Day. (Brief history lesson here)

They are both perfectly weighted, feel wonderful in the hand and are somehow still connected to the maker as all the marks of the blades are still visible. Ray suggested that we don't sand them in order to finish, but simply rub them with a pebble to smooth the surface, but still retain the marks of the makers carving style.

Thank you both so much for this wonderful gift. To have something this beautiful, created from a hazel branch from just outside the lodge makes it something very special indeed.

Hope to see you again

Kel & Mel

About IBEX Art

"Yael is a London-based maker, designer and illustrator, passionate about making everyday life more beautiful"

My main medium is clay, which I use for making both functional and decorative ceramic pieces. Having focused on drawing for many years, clay has become my new canvas. Recently, especially during the Coronavirus lockdown, I have also been carving wooden spoons.

I draw inspiration from natural and organic forms, as well as from the Mediterranean culture and climate in which I grew up.

Spoons like this are available to buy

You can purchase a wide variety of handmade spoons and bowls at Ibex Art on the like below.


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