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Tour the Brecon Beacons in style - A Land Rover Defender

Mill-Lodge Brecon Beacons Kelvin Brain A
20180622-20180622_211117 Brecon Beacons.
Spend the whole day touring the Brecon Beacons with us - Min 2 day stay

  • Mountains

  • Waterfalls

  • Hunt for the Wild Horses

  • Sunrise and Sunset Tours

  • Lots of Local History

  • Land Rover Defender - The best way to get about in the Beacons

  • As a Pro Photographer, Kel knows all the hidden places

Life at Mill-Lodge Brecon Beacons

As a Photographer and Videographer, I'm often on the lookout for interesting things to capture in a creative manner. Whether it's the changing seasons or a place of historical interest, I'll always try to capture the scene as a creative or interesting manner.

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